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Coaching:  Businesses With New Private Equity or Family Office Owners

Private equity and family office owners appreciate that tribal knowledge and culture at new portfolio companies are largely well worth preserving, and retention of key managers and employees is critical to continued success. However, having new ownership means change, and change is difficult for many people. It can cause real concern and anxiety amongst the rank and file, especially given the negative perceptions created in the media around private equity. These concerns often go unspoken amongst employees to preserve job security, but might later manifest themselves in ways that are detrimental to the management team and co-workers.

TMW Advisors can work with management teams and employees during the transition/integration period to provide fundamental knowledge and education surrounding the realities of new ownership expectations, in a manner that encourages collaboration. This might be included as part of a larger engagement to provide CFO advisory services until a permanent CFO is put in place. We give the management team a sounding board and can focus our training on specific knowledge requested by the team and/or its owners, particularly in the areas of financial reporting, KPI's and metrics, value creation and measurement, and board meeting presentations.

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