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Who We Are


Travis Waller is the principal of TMW Advisors. He has over 25 years of work experience, with 19 years in the lower-middle market as a CEO, CFO and Controller. He has worked with several very successful private-equity backed and family-owned businesses across industries, from machine-tool manufacturing to oilfield service and supply, to construction. During his tenure as CFO, one company generated a pre-tax return for its financial sponsor upon exit in excess of 135%. He has also worked for a major international consulting firm, providing M&A integration services to clients, including project planning for the finance & accounting teams, as well as validating expected synergies. Travis understands what it means to work effectively with management teams, front-line employees, and board members. He enjoys advising owner operators, as well as working with private equity investors. He began his career in Boston, Massachusetts as a CPA with Arthur Andersen and has enjoyed living and working in a variety of locations including Leicestershire, UK, Denver, Colorado and Bozeman, Montana. He and his family currently reside in the Houston, Texas area.

What We Do

TMW Advisors provides outsourced CFO advisory services to lower-middle market companies. We work with traditional owner operators, financial sponsors and management teams when they find themselves at key inflexion points in the company's life cycle. In many cases, the business demands strategic thinking and executive-level help from the accounting/finance function but is not yet ready to absorb a full-time CFO. Typically, there is a controller, accounting manager or one or more senior bookkeepers already in place. Our time frame for an engagement could be for several months or for several years, depending on the need.

Our 'Why'

We love the lower-middle market and are passionate about helping owners and management teams achieve success. There's an energy and drive for growth in the lower middle market like none other. Everyone in the company plays a key role and most people wear multiple hats. Every dollar counts and a million dollars is still a lot of money. Each milestone reached paves the way for future growth. There are also terrific personal stories behind lower middle-market companies. Entrepreneurs sacrifice and piece together resources. They're willing to walk along the edge of the cliff because they believe in something...they believe in themselves and in their team. They put their good name on the line every day and they've usually experienced both success and failure. In short, we find being involved with these kinds of businesses to be incredibly fulfilling!

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