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Oilfield Services

Managing through the cyclicality of the oilfield is challenging at best, but is ultimately the long-term key to success in the industry. Timing is everything and when oil turns down, you'd better have a strategy for weathering the storm and then be ready to hit the ground running at the upturn. TMW Advisors has experience working with multiple OFS companies during exceptional seasons of growth and change, including a frac provider, a roustabout business, a water hauler, and a thread protector recycling business. Processes were improved, reporting was enhanced, and liquidity events were realized.

Electricity Station


The best-run construction businesses do a few things really well. First, they treat safety as mission-critical to everything they do on a project. Second, they fanatically manage their project costs -- from down time of their crews to idle equipment. And finally, they have the right capitalization plan for equipment acquisition and other capital expenditures as they grow. TMW Advisors helped a power-line construction company through a tremendous period of growth, including increasing their bank facility, successfully completing their first external audit, and managing an ERP implementation.


For decades now U.S. manufacturing companies have been under tremendous pressure from the effects of offshoring. Lowering costs and increasing product quality require constant attention. Successful manufacturers meet these challenges with lean measures to reduce waste, new technologies, and enhancing the customer experience. Even still, it is a complex business model with much of the risk centered in the cash cyle, from inventory procurement to collection. TMW Advisors has helped manufacturers streamline inventory, improve job costing, plan for capital expenditures and reduce working capital. 


As in most industries, technology is changing the service landscape at an ever-increasing pace. Whether at a healthcare provider or an IT services business, software as a service and mobile apps are rapidly becoming an integral part of service operations. TMW Advisors has helped service providers with multiple locations implement new POS software, manage state compliance and define accounting processes.  In addition, TMW Advisors is experienced with service start-ups and has defined HR policy, produced employee handbooks, onboarded multiple employees and implemented compensation plans.

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